Conte Coffee has partnered with Gruppo Gimoka to embrace sustainability and circular economy principles in our business operations. This implies re-using materials in subsequentyy production cycles, thus reducing waste to a minimum, while alos employing renewable sources of energy and fostering compostable solutions. To achieve this ambitious goal, Gruppo Gimoka will follow two directions.

First, by developing solutions for primary packaging that can be fully recycled or sent to specialized industrial composting chains, while also paying most attention to product conservation.

Second, by the requirements referring to compostabilty with the higher added value features required by single serve systems (quality in the cup, consistent results, compatibility and operating efficiency with machines that are present on the market and an appropriate oxygen barrier).

Reference Contest

ā€¢ Sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations (SDG nĀ° 1 Responsible consuption and production)

ā€¢ FAO- Voluntary guidelines for the conservation and sustainable use of Farmers' varieties/Landraces (2019)

ā€¢ Circular Economy Principles (material reuse and industrial process efficiency, as defined by Ellen MacArthur Foundation)

ā€¢ European Strategy for plastic in the Circular Economy (July 2018)

ā€¢ EN UNI EN 13432 (regulation regarding the features a material has to have in order to be defined compostable).

Corporate Responsibility

Thanks to St. Remio, Gruppo Gimoka aims at supporting the female farming community of Twongere Rwanda through yearly based financial programs.

ā€¢ 2017-2018- Rewards Sharing - Financing the purchase of agricultural tools, livestock, and solar lamps.

ā€¢ 2018-201- New Land and Coffee Plants - financing a cupping lab for the female farming community.

ā€¢ 2019-2020- Cupping Lab - financing the purchase of 4 hectares of land and 12,000 new coffee plants.