Conte Cup- Single Serve Cups

Conte Coffee’s exquisite coffees are the results of a rigorous selection process of our skilled Italian coffee roasting masters. Café quality Conte Coffee™ features carefully chosen Arabica coffee beans that are harvested at the peak of maturity and roasted to capture the perfection you’ll taste in every brewed cup!

  Our Cups deliver a superior tasting cup of coffee. We have combined the finest Arabica Coffee with unsurpassed Italian roasting expertise that has been passed down for generations. This old world passion, pride and quality is inside every Conte Coffee™ Cup.


Available in four different flavors : French Roast, Sumatra Blend, 100% Colombian and Decaf.

These Single serve cups are for the original Keurig®* brewers (non 2.0).

(* KEURIG®  are registered trademarks of KEURIG, INC)


24 cups per box / 4 boxes per case / 195 cases per pallet